Clearly Forward is committed to bringing our clients cutting-edge personal development through self-awareness. Finding clarity for your steps forward is firmly rooted in the mindfulness of the present moment. We blend the sciences of tomorrow with the ancient wisdom from the past, creating the splendour of today. Our methodologies are grounded in positive psychology, the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience, and the advanced approach of Appreciative Inquiry. We provide services that focus on individuals, and programs that are strengthen workplace teams. Throughout the year, the company founder Coleen Doucette offers interactive workshops and keynote engagements that illuminate the concepts and practices at the heart of living a life that flows clearly forward.

In brief, we provide:

for businesses, teams, groups and individuals wanting to remove communication barriers. Conflict resolution strategies present an all inclusive, fair and safe format of identifying solutions for these stressful challenges. 
such as Clear Conversations and Authentic To The Core can support a company in charting a decisive course to become the empowered workplace that cultivates abundance and success.

for high performing individuals and leaders who want to ground their professional excellence and personal happiness on a solid bedrock of self-awareness. 
The present is moving to a future full of leaders who have learned to access and leverage the best of who they are.
We are proud to be here with you.

For 30 years, Coleen has cultivated teams and individuals to communicate responsibly, act purposefully, and live happily.  Coleen is:

• Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Demers Group, Core Alignment Coaching, accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF)
• Qualified Mediator (Q.Med.) The PULSE Institute

All of these credentials add up to one big theme: Coleen is passionate about transformational growth through self-knowledge, for herself as well as for others. She is on a mission to unlock the potential of others to live mindfully, form vibrant relationships and establish satisfying careers.

Over the course of her storied career, she has gathered wisdom from her experiences working in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. She has acted as an Executive Director, a Director of Operational Programs, an Operations Manager and a Program Development Consultant. Coleen holds multiple certifications in Business and Executive Management from Andover College and the University of Maine.



Coleen has offered a new set of communication and leadership tools to our staff. Through individual and
group coaching sessions, her guidance has inspired our staff to fulfill their leadership potential.