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The Dog Days of Summer are Here! Crystals to keep it cool…


If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have just experienced a major heat wave!! A hot summer is predicted throughout North America. Animals and people alike are challenged to find comfort when it’s 30+ degrees Celsius. Isn’t it great to know that there are crystals that can cool you and your pets down, while at the same time, encouraging hydration?

Support your pet with Green Calcite

Animals are very sensitive to energy flow, emotions and vibration levels. This makes Calcite a wonderful stone for our companions. Green Calcite is especially supportive for cooling on hot days. This is a relaxation stone helping to keep activity low while it promotes water intake.

Other helpful properties for people and pets include raising emotional balance, relieving stress while maintaining a strong heart connection. It is an emotional cooler as well, soothing anger and irritability, while relieving emotional stress. It nurtures positive traits like compassion and altruism and clears the heart chakra of unhealthy negative emotions. It increases our attunement to spirits, plants and animals. It assists all species in listening to and acting on what the hearts knows. Green Calcite can improve quality of mediation, helping to still our incessant chattering self-talk, allowing for an experience of wordless awareness. Sleeping with this stone can make dreams more pleasant. Carry or wear to help you feel clear and relaxed amid daily life stress.

Charge your pets water by putting a piece of Green Calcite in a fresh bowl for ½ hour before serving. Remove stones before providing it to your pet. Green Calcite energy will help your pet’s temperature and activity level regulate during hot days, while encouraging drinking. So keep that bowl full and charged!


Frosty Aquamarine keeps you on ice!

When you work with me you may notice that I love all stones! I have many favorites with Aquamarine being a very special life stone for me. This luminous blue gemstone is good for all types of calming and cooling, from hot flashes to anger. It also activates the throat chakra, assist with clear communication supporting our highest truth. This is a water element stone, bringing us in touch with our subconscious, domains of spirit and our deepest emotions. “There energy is as refreshing as a shower under a cool waterfall” as described by Robert Simmons. This calming, relaxing energy brings with is an alert state of consciousness, tuning us into our knowledge, wisdom and feelings, helping us to articulate them with clarity and conviction. Merged with female energy, this stone lends courage and clarity to express inner knowing, while enhancing intuitive abilities. Combined with male energy, Aquamarine helps dispel emotional numbness to assists with communicating feelings. It also calms frustration, helping to keep temper under control even when provoked. For both sexes it promotes gentle, truthful and compassionate communication. It is attractive to children and can make them very talkative. It’s helpful for a shy child or for children with verbalization difficulties.

Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment for everyone and helps us realize that real power comes from aligning oneself with the yielding, resilient vitality of life.


Recources: The Pocket Book of Stones, Robert Simmons & personal experience

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Crystal Spirit, Path of Joy

I’ve loved rocks all my life. At a young age I was taught, by my uncle the science teacher, all about the physical properties of how rocks were formed and learned to respect the wonders of geology. I’ve always felt their magnetic draw and marveled at their spectacular beauty. As long as I can remember, I’ve surrounded myself with stones and crystals. Rocks collected from my daily activities can be found in every room of my home. It seemed just a natural unconscious expression of who I am. Then, at 55, I experienced something that changed my life. Sure, I’ve had lots of experiences that have changed my life. I guess I’ve made a habit out of living this way, this was different.

I was visiting the lands of my ancestors, the amazing shores of Acadie now known as Nova Scotia. Although I had visited some of these places as a young girl, it was extremely profound to revisit my ancestry at this point in my life. This trip was made magical as my wonderful parents and I were together.

Standing on this land and understanding all that took place there affected me so deeply, I don’t have words to describe my experience. This is an experience of my soul, when everything else falls away, I am face-to-face with my eternal self. The crystals, rocks and stones of this land quickly became part of what was happening to me. As I stood on the shore looking out at Cape Blomidon, I could feel the powerful energy held by these pieces of the earth. The energy was so strong that I felt electrified. I couldn’t stop the sensation and as scary as it was at moments, I didn’t want to. I knew something beyond my control was happening and I needed to just be in it.

As I settled into letting go of thinking for the first time allowed myself simply to know my heart, I began to hear. I could hear the stones. It was tranquil and gentle and profound. My perception of life was shifting as I awakened to the universe. The stones drew me into ultimate reality, the consciousness of divine universal life force, knowing the connection with all that is. Feeling it, hearing it, seeing it, being it. A knowing in my heart that has changed me forever. My ancestors opened the door of Crystal Spirit that I could only enter. A path filled with joy and love. To let go and follow, allowing the universe to lead my way, committing myself to being for the greater good of all. I found trust, and faith, and sharing the deep love of the Acadian people.

As I stand each day challenged by my own human mind, I am blessed with companions from the earth teaching me the difference between living in my head and living from my heart. It sounds simple, for me it was not. I am grateful to never be without guidance and to feel the grace of a crystalline universe.

This experience has led me to live a greater truth for what I make available to the world. My unique offerings bring people to a higher-conscious connection with the divine universal life force, in alignment with their own journey.

I have been chosen by the Crystalline Source to practice crystal energy healing. I provide personalized treatments, to activate the natural healing systems of body, mind and spirit, balancing energy for whole body health. I offer these customized sessions for both people and animals.

My work with animals is an amazing journey that brings a deep sense of richness to my life. I have been an Animal Communicator for over 15 years and am blessed to hear what animals have to share. This enlightened understanding brings huge perception shifts to people with companion animals. Everyone should know how their pet-partners experience the world!

I work with Usui Reiki and crystals to channel an energy flow that brings a state of equilibrium, harmony and peace. It is a privilege to be a Reiki Practitioner, cultivating this healing environment for people and animals.

As an Educational Facilitator, Personal Coach and Intuitive Reader, I foster learning opportunities to develop a deeper connection to our core self, to learn the essence of who we are and how to live from the divine space within.

For more information about these programs, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

We each have our own unique path, may yours be filled with amazing joy!

Crystal blessings,


Crystal Spirit

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