The science of productivity is directly related to the art of relationships. Clearly Forward’s Workplace Development Programs are designed to improve team dynamics and bring out the best in individuals. Clearly Forward transforms workplaces into communities. Businesses and organizations in search of sustainable, human-centered productivity benefit from Clearly Forward’s Workplace Development Programs:


CLEAR Conversations is a customized professional development program that addresses an organization’s need for communication cultures that foster job satisfaction, workplace productivity, and connected teams. The CLEAR Conversations program encompasses a wide variety of interactive workshop options. So whether a workplace would benefit from better understanding the neuroscience of communication, or training in coaching-style conversations would enable its team members to work together more productively, CLEAR Conversations has the right option for an organization that is ready to access the raw power of effective communication.


Authentic To The Core is a specialized professional development program created by Demers Group, Inc. Participants in this program learn to ‘step into their own greatness’ by coming to understand their own core strengths and desires more fully. Authentic To The Core utilizes simple exercises, guided conversations, and beautiful rituals to turn colleagues into community-members, and employees into purposeful leaders. This program is presented by an in-person facilitator or through an interactive on-line program. The schedule is customized to fit your needs.

When there is strain or stress in a workplace due to communication disconnection, a mediator can lead colleagues through a conflict resolution process that results in lasting positive change. Clearly Forward’s specialized mediation approach equips team members with tools to build workplace cultures of respect, positive productivity, and clear communication. Integrative coaching programs establish effective and healthy communication systems for both teams and individuals.

Executive Coaching is for leaders who want to build cultures of greatness by leading from their core. Coleen’s wealth of leadership experience and advanced knowledge of organizational dynamics make her uniquely suited to coaching big-picture thinkers. Leaders who want to tap into their deepest power source can benefit from this coaching relationship, which draws out transformative insights through dynamic dialogue. Leaders who truly understand themselves know where to go, and are capable of taking others with them.


Career Coaching allows individuals to make decisions, set goals, and seek out opportunities based on a rock-solid understanding of their deepest values. A coaching relationship draws out the type of self-awareness that alters the course of one’s life by revealing possibilities and choices that previously went undetected. Career coaching is a powerful option for high performing individuals who realize that they will benefit from supportive wisdom and dynamic dialogue to chart a course for a more satisfying version of success.